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Goodbye everybody !!

For this last article I wanted to say good bye to everyone. The training course is near, it is the end of the semester and we have a lot of work to do before leaving France.

I really enjoyed being a member of this class M1 Fle, because most of the time we worked in groups and we could know each other. This way of working, this approach is very different from what I used to experience before. Indeed, in Rouen we were more individualistic and when you were in troubles or when you could not understand something, there were nobody to support or help you. I think this matter deals with the region itself.

At the beginning, when I arrived in Lille I was very surprised to see nice people, I mean here in the North people are more welcoming, if they are already in groups, you can easily integrate the group. They will say hello voluntarily whereas in Rouen it is not the case. They prefer avoiding you. Maybe people from Normandy are narrow-minded, I don’t know how to explain this idea. For example I wanted to visit a friend that I have not seen for 1 year, I wanted to see her because she is my best friend but she had already planned something else with another friend. So I could not see her, have fun with her … I don’t know why I could not come with her and met the other friend. I was disappointed.

This idea does not please me because I was born in Normandy and I love this region. But I have to say that I feel better here in the North, people don’t judge you at the first sight. Or they may do that but they will not tell you …

So dearest comrade, have a nice stay on training course and don’t forget to create a new blog to share your experiences and feelings over there in your far country.

Goodbye and thank you !!


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The interview of the famous Judumour!


Let me introduce you the famous Judumour from the blog called UK-America.

1. Why did you choose that theme? What was your motivation?

 Well for me speaking English is related to the countries I’ve visited and I still visit. It was almost obvious for me to talk about my experiences in England, Great Britain more generally, and America. As well as sharing my experiences, it was a nice way to get to know people’s experiences better too!

2. Did you have a goal?

My goal was to write in English, with a touch pf sense of humour because that’s probably part of my personality, and I wanted to make fun of what can appear to be shocking for French people! I also wanted to read what other people thought about things like stereotypes, alcohol, dressing code etc!

3. You have an experience in America, and why specifically talking about England?

I guess people know England better for a simple reason, everyone has probably been to England at least once. It’s easier to talk about something people can relate to. We did talk about America in our posts though! And maybe I’ll have time to keep up the blog when I’m in America for my training placement! who knows? that would be a nice surprise, wouldn’t it?

4. Do you criticize the learning way of the university?

Not in the blog! why, do you really want me to criticise it?

5. Do you have a goal more specifically…I mean that could deal with FLE (what you study)?

I want to work in an English speaking country later, so my objectives towards English are to master the language and to be able to refer to it whenever it’s necessary to explain French.

6. Do you give real advice for others to be assistant?

Hum.. this is a good question! I guess that was an excuse for me to speak about my experience as an assistant but i thought it was less interesting for people who read me than talking about something with some kind of suspense! (although you’ll see that it’s not that thrilling eventually!)

But if I could give advice to people, I would say that being an assistant is a great way to get to know a country and its culture better! You get to know and meet more people and the whole experience can change your life! GO FOR IT!!


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Let’s discover Dexter Morgan !

Hello everybody, this time I would like to talk about a serie that I really love.

I know it has nothing to do with Holland, but whatever it has with English… So I am keen on this serie because the script is genius!!

Indeed, the action takes place in Miami, a very hot and beautiful city. The beach is in front of you, it is a kind of paradise. But, in this wonderful place, you have a dangerous serial killer named Dexter.

Who is Dexter? This man is the main character of the serie, he is handsome and has a good appearance. In fact, he is a good husband and father, has a good job, he is blood spatter analyst at the Miami Metro Police Department) . He job consists in analyzing the stains left on a homicide scene. We can say that this man is perfectly normal. But this citizen is different. He is just wearing a mask: he has a double like. Effectively in the profoundness of his personality is hidden a monster.

However Dexter has a job in the Police, he spends his time hunting bad people who have not followed the laws (murderer, drug dealer, kidnapper …etc.). Given that his father was a policeman, Dexter knows everything about police’s formalities, so he is meticulous. He tries not to be caught by the police using strategies. For example, he uses plastic gloves and cleans everything after killing his victim. But, he also leaves wrong clues to deflect police. On this way an innocent person (but a bad one) can be caught.

I don’t really know why I enjoy this murderer but his story is so fascinating. Indeed at the end of every episode I am out of breath.

So guys, I recommend you watch this delightful serie. If you want to know more about this serie, just visit this website:


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How is winter in Holland ?

Hello people, today I would like to talk about winter. We all know that this winter has been particularly harsh (un hiver rude), we had about -5°C. Of course. it is cold but not as cold as the winter in Nederlands. Indeed, the wind, the fog, and the rain are dominating during this period. Of course we can say that the winter in Lille is not so different because we are located in the North (near to the pole), but I can say that it is colder in Holland.

For example on this picture, we have another view of Holland, I have decided to  chose several pictures to illustrate the wonderful winter in Holland. Indeed, on this picture you can see people skating on a frozen canal, even if it is sunny there is no doubt it is very cold. I like picture like this because you cannot see this event every year. It is amazing they are not afraid of what might happen if the ice cracked. In France, we cannot do that, the ice must not be enough thick to bear our weight.

On this picture we can recognize a frozen rail, I do not even want to imagine the temperature, it must be … no it is unbelievable we have to go there in order to have the real cold sensation.

And what about you, have you ever been in Holland during winter ? How cold is it ?


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What is the photobombing? Is it something new? That deals with terrorism? absolutely not!

Intentionally turning up in the background of other people’s pictures with the goal of ruining them.

Not only with a goal, there are pictures are ruined because of unvolontary things that we don’t see at the first sight when we take the picture.

Everyone has a bad or beautiful  pictures. Unfortunately on one of a good picture you notice that a dummy does something very riddiculous. You have to admit that your picture is totally ruined.

You didn’t know that you have a really exemplar of a photobombing. On Internet you could learn two things about it: the first thing is that photobombing is a kind of Art in which is exhibit unknown place, objects, buildings, with the goal to draw something to somebody’s intention.

The second thing, the photobombing is something with which we could be surprised, just taking a picture in a good place, in the good time and making joke and dummies things as well.

You could find it on the web. A lot of blogs about the photobombings are very fun like and which exhibit the ruined pictures.  The most important in that, is to be able to show the detail which makes the difference!

What do you think about it? Did you do “the photobombing” with the intention to ruin the pictures of others just for making a joke or maybe not?


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Dutch mills

This article deals with the famous Dutch emblem which is the windmill. Nowadays, there are about 1000 mills left devided into the twelve provinces. You can find a great number in the Nothern and Southern Holland however we can discern two different types: the windmill and the water mill.

The watermill

You can find watermill in the East and South region: in Twente, the East od Valuwe, Achterhoek, Barabant and Limburg, in these places the the water draught is strong enough to feed the mill whell. The watermill was used above all to grind grains, but it was also used for paper production, oil and for the wood saw. Nowadays, we have about 70 watermills in Holland.

The windmill

Windmills are devided in two categories: the industrial one and the drainage.

The industrial-mills served for sawmill industry. The technical progress made them disappear, but you can find a little.

The drainage-mills drained the soils behind the dykes (the polders). The wind makes the sails turn and these last activate the millstone (la meule).

Windmills mean something

Windmill means something with the sails positions. We have four: the celebration, the mourning, the short rest and the longest. The incline changes according to the position. Thus, villagers know about the miller’s good and bad fortune. Some positions were used during the WW2 to broadcast messages to prevent from imminent attacks.


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You student! How did you get your money for your studie?

Students are borrowing more and more money and most often! According to National Institut of budget information.The Dutch student must give the money back at the end of their studie.

Almost the half of students borrow average 400 euro each month.  From the first studieyear have a fourth asked for borrowing money. And one person on three uses his credit card for paying his courses (lesson).

At the first year is borrowed 320 euro each month and after four years de debt has rised for a minimum 15, 360 euro! And you have also the interest of the bank.  Ther’e was average in 2008 students have borrowed  12.500 euro, inclusive interest.

The studieborrowing is the most important borrowing in the life of a student. And there is 16% students who borrow money for something else. Almost 19% of student are always on the red line because they are under -625 euro. 17% of students have one creditcard.

De interest are always rising, and the most of students do not know about it or they have no idea. There is under 45% of student that they pay attention about it. 7% of interest is very high.

The Dutch students borrow money beacause their parents couldn’t help them for the financial stuff. The parents haven’t enoug money and enoug help of the government. There is also the students that they are very afraid to have at the end a big interest to pay, and they won’t give the money back. According to this article of newspaper online Z24, the parents point of vieuw is very important for the students.

The target is to become aware of the consequences of a studieborrowing and realize how does it work.


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Within Temptation

Hello everybody, in this post we are going to learn a little bit about a rock band that I really like.

I would like to introduce a music Dutch band called Within Temptation, founded in 1996. It deals with symphonic metal or gothic. I know that everyone cannot be keen on metal music, but never mind. It is just kind of initiation.

So this group is composed of six members:

–         Sharon den Adel is the singer

–         Robert Westerholt and Ruud Jolie are guitarist

–         Martijn Spierenburg has the keyboard under control

–         Stephen van Haestregt the drummer

–         Jeroen van Veen is the bass player.

I like this group because their music is very melodic; I mean the singer does not cry out like a pig or unknown animal! This music is lively, I feel like being in old times with castles and kings. The keyboard brings a magical touch which we cannot find with a guitar or a bass guitar, I don’t really like keyboards because it reminds me the 90’ with the song “Isabelle a les yeux bleus” by les Inconnus, it is a funny song but not very inventive musically speaking.

Sharon voice’s is both soft and strong, she brings nimbleness and purity.

If now you are a bit curious, I let you discover them thanks to this video with the song Mother Earth .

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Who comes in Rotterdam?

So what kinf of tourist are you?

If you have visited the country or the city of Rotterdam, what did you do there?

Do these videos make you want to go to Rotterdam??


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Watch out kid!

In that time is not good to be outside if you are just a child between 6 and  7 years in Rotterdam. The police will keep watch over  after ten o’clock in the evening. After this time the police take the children to the police office. Why do they that? this action is for making the parents thinking about how they educate their children.

There is a big lake of the parents in the education of their own children. For the city it is not possible to let doing that. In the article of  newspaper AD Rotterdam  a police man says that is maybe normal for certain culture to let their children outside until midnight but in Rotterdam is quite different.

Step by step the children are more and more exhibiting to the danger and crime. The danger of the streetlife tends to be normal according to this people. It is quite difficult to be out of this world after.

The police men want to try to resolve this problem with plan of that kind of action.  They have begun doing this in a precinct (quartier), everything have worked. They have also succed to convince the parents to make sleep their children earlier.

According to a  police agent, the parents need help and the police could do something in that plan.


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